Guest Comments

- Readers' Questionnaire -

Here I've compiled a couple of questions for fellow readers to ponder over -

In today's age there is an increasingly popular trend in several parts of the world of moving towards a cashless society, where payments are made using cards or electronic transfers. Money is an indispensable part of our lives. It helps us measure the value of things. Without money we could only barter. The word money has several different interpretations from its colloquial usage meaning legal tender to its other subtler interpretations. What does ‘Money’ mean to you? Or How would you informally define money? 

Just like money ‘investment’ too means different things to different people. What does ‘Investment' mean to you? How do you make your investments? What are the factors considered? 

How does the dictionary meaning of the word credit translate in the financial context? What is ‘credit’? How do you see the role of different financial institutions? 

Finally, how do you think is this blog?

(Courtesy : An Anonymous Reader)